About How Long It's Been

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had an unquenchable love for music. As a youngster growing up in Antigua, I was enamored by the musical mystery of the “Steel Band;” and watching and listening to the elders play, augmented my fascination and desire to be part of a musical experience.

Both of my parents were musically inclined. My father played the violin and my mother played the piano. Singing was a regular pass-time for my siblings and me.

The guitar is my first instrument- my first love- but I play very infrequently. I’ve adopted the sax and really enjoy playing it. My song-writing experience started while I was in high school and has continued to the present.

My choice of music encompasses many genre: Gospel, Soul, Blues, Jazz, Country, Classical, Calypso/Soca and Reggae.

This is my first “solo project.” May you be blessed and your spirits lifted by each selection. To God be the Glory.

Thanks for your support.



CD's are available at:

Moodies Records
219th St & White Plains Road Bronx, NY 10466

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